Rates start at $25 per day and are charged by dog's size.    Cross breeds charged as per similar dog type.

Discount of $5.00 per day * applied for supplying you dogs food.  This is strongly recommended (USUAL DIET) to avoid upset stomachs.  Remember, your companion will be inside.  Any dog/s suffering stomach upset will need to be housed outside until condition passes.   *MUST be packed in DAILY rations with dogs name for discount to apply.

I started dog grooming in a part and full time capacity over 30 years ago - partly due to being so upset at seeing how some groomers treated dogs under their care.  This does not happen here.  Only patient and gentle care is given to all our pooches.  All breeds and clips catered for.  Clipping starts at $70.00 inclusive of bathing, ears and nails.  

Grooming (short coats) starts at $25.00 inclusive of bathing, ears and nails.  Grooming (long coats) starts at $45.00 inclusive of ears and nails.  Accurate prices can only be give upon inspection of pooch.

Dog Sitting Training

Basic Obedience Training is offered whilst your dog is boarding with us.  They will learn to sit, stay, drop, come and heel on command and you will be given a lesson on how to accomplish this before you go home.  Available to boarders

$30 per 30 minutes

Dog Sitting Walking

We are in the pristine Wootton Valley.  There is a huge grassy well fenced yard but we do offer on leash walking as well.  Our country lanes are beyond quiet and are a wonderful adventure for walks.  Available to boarders

$40 per 60 minutes

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