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9am to 5pm Monday - Saturday

Here at Minibrae we offer a daycare service for those owners who have to go out during the day and cannot take there furbaby with them or leave them at home.  Our hours are 9am - 5pm Monday to Saturday.  After hours are only available at the discretion of Minibrae.  After Hours fees apply.

LOCATION :   PLEASE NOTE: Newmans Road CANNOT be accessed from the  A1.  

Minibrae is situated on a mostly unsealed road six kilometers off the Old Pacific Hwy, now called Wootton Way.   It varies from flat to hilly but is easily navigated.  The driveway has a thirty metre moderately steep section off the road. Google Maps is a great way of looking at the terrain.  For those who do not wish to drive their vehicles on this type of road or if you are towing we offer a pick up/drop off service or I can meet you up on road just past 589 Newmans Road where there is ample room to turn around.

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