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Boarding Requirements

In order to board at Minibrae DogStayz ALL dogs must meet the following requirements

  • This is a non-kennel environment and is NOT suitable for fence jumpers or antisocial furbabies (to man or beast - furred or feathered)*.

  • Current vaccination to C5 required (upload on Booking Form).

  • Vaccination boosters must be given no less than 14 full days prior to commencement of boarding period.  Unvaccinated dogs will be turned away.

  • No 'entire' male dogs (unless puppy under 18 months not yet desexed).

  • No 'Extra Large Dogs' check here 

  • A  minimum of 4 months of age.

  • Please treat your pet with a flea and tick control product before boarding*.

  • Please ensure dogs worming is up to date prior to boarding. 

  • Please read RATES and CONDITIONS OF BOARDING to be fully informed of all costs *.

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Frequently Asked Questions below

Thanks for taking the time to come here first.  The below list is extensive to say the least and hopefully will answer your questions. Please text or call if you still have more.  Conditions of Boarding as it says has all the rules and regulations for your stay at Minibrae



Do you have kennels?

No.  This is a non-kennel environment; all pets cohabitate in internal and external areas of the property and therefor need to be well socialized with other dogs and people.  We have extensive experience as to the suitability of matching dogs and at times pets may be exercised on a rotational basis.  As with humans, dogs do not always get on with everyone, but this is generally the exception.  Dogs that are boarded and are found to be unsuitable due to aggression will immediately be segregated and incur additional $50 per day boarding fee and if warranted owner may be contacted to collect pet.

Where will my pet sleep?

Pets are inside the home, generally in night crates with cozy bedding, a treat and their favorite toy if sent with one.  This allows everyone, including us to have a good nights sleep.  It helps if your pet is crate trained prior to arrival.  They love having their crates as it is their own safe haven and makes them feel very secure; in-fact I normally have to close the crates during the day to encourage them to go out and play or to stop other boarders taking ownership of them.  There are exceptions to nighttime crate sleeping but the pet will first be assessed to it's suitability to sleep on the couch or non-crated.  This can only be assessed whilst boarding.

Does my pet need to be clean/groomed before check in? 

Yes please, dogs need to be clean, knot/matt free and have trimmed nails. These services are available here should you prefer to have these matters attended to upon arrival. 

Dogs found to be dirty, have fleas or are matted will be informed of the necessity for grooming and the additional costs that will be incurred. Remember your dog is in our home and must be clean, tick and flea free.  Your dog should be on Tick/Flea treatment prior to arrival.

Can I bring my pet’s own food, will I get a discount? 

Yes you can, a discount of $5.00 per day for supplying your dog's food will be applied. This is strongly recommended (MUST BE USUAL DIET) to avoid upset stomachs.  To qualify for discount, meals MUST be packed in DAILY rations with dog's name. If freezing is required for long stays, meals must be in clip lock bags.  KIBBLE ONLY FEEDING: can remain in bag or suitable container for duration of stay.

Can I feed my pet or give them treats before they arrive? 

Boarders at Minibrae will have had their a.m. feeds prior to your arrival so give them their a.m. feed prior to travel (unless they get travel sickness).  Treats must be clearly labelled with pet's name in a suitable container.  They are usually given before bed to settle them. 

What food do you provide my pet? 

We feed all our dogs with high premium kibble (usually Healthy Everyday Pets, Taste of the Wild or Petzyo). Fussy or non-eaters will have BBQ chicken added to encourage appetite

Bloat -

Ensure Minibrae is notified on Booking Form if your dog has ever suffered with Bloat -

If your dog is and inhaler (excessively keen/gulper) of food, please bring their slow feed bowl.

Gastric dilation and volvulus syndrome (GDV) is a condition in dogs in which the stomach greatly enlarges and then twists on itself. It commonly is referred to as 'bloat' and is a life-threatening emergency. GDV is a problem seen mostly in large, deep-chested dogs such as the Great Dane, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Weimaraner, Boxer, Standard Poodle, Doberman and large Mastiff breeds but can occur in almost any breed/crossbreed.
Minibrae follows guidelines for the reduction of bloat risk and is aware of the usual symptoms and urgent need for treatment. However, we also recognize that often treatment is sadly not successful. Bloat surgery will cost at least $5,000 and may run to over $10,000. If you have a bloat prone breed or crossbreed please consider ahead of time if treatment is something you are able to afford as it is a very difficult decision to make in an emergency situation

Visiting your Dog

In most cases we do not allow owners or their friends to visit the dogs whilst they are staying with us. It may make the owner feel better and the dog would undoubtedly enjoy seeing their human friends. However, when it comes time to leave, and the dog is unable to go too they can become very upset and even depressed for a day or so afterwards which is very unfair for the dog.
Dogs do not have any real concept of time and wouldn't notice the difference if you were gone a week or a month. But they DO understand being left behind and not allowed to go with you and it is the being left behind that is upsetting for them.
Very occasionally if it is a long term stay and the dog appears to be well settled and adjusted to the situation, we may allow a visit or for the owner to collect the dog for a walk off the premises or day at the beach etc.


Restricted Breeds/Aggressive Dogs

We do not board dogs subject to Restricted Breed Legislation or who have been "Declared Dangerous".  We also do not board any dogs with known aggression towards people or other dogs. Dogs who show aggression whilst being boarded will be required to be removed from the premises immediately if possible and incur an additional daily fee until collected.

My pet is on medication, is that okay? 

Yes, we can administer tablets and injections such as insulin/anti inflammatory.  Prescribed medication must be in the original Veterinary or Pharmacist packaging.  If your pet comes under the Special Needs requirements there is an additional charge starting at $10 per day.

Please click here to see Special Needs

My pet has a cough/eye discharge/fleas/a skin condition – is that okay? 

No admittance will be given to pets that may have a contagious condition. Terms and Conditions apply to this scenario, please click here to see Conditions of Boarding. If you have a letter from your veterinarian giving clearance (this will be verified) your pet may be checked in. This will be at the total discretion of Minibrae. 

Any pet with fleas or flea dirt will immediately be bathed and treated and the cost of this procedure will be invoiced to you which must be paid prior to or upon collection of pet.

Medication, Allergies and Phobias.

Please ensure that we are notified of and allergies, including those to medication as well as any fear or phobias, including, but not limited to storms, equipment etc.  Failing to disclose such things could cause issues for not only your dog but for us as Well.  Please make sure any anti-anxiety medication accompanies dog.

If your dog is known to be very storm phobic, we recommend obtaining a calming medication such as diazepam (Valium) from your vet for us to give your dog should the need arise. Medication will help your dog remain calm in what is an already stressful environment, and will lessen the risk of them injuring themselves or damaging property, should they panic in a thunderstorm.

My dog is old/blind/on medication. Will they be okay? 

Many dogs with special requirements enjoy the comfort of our home where they are with us day and night. Your dog may come under Special Needs which has an additional fee starting at $10per day. 

Click here to see Special Needs care

Veterinary Treatment Costs

Everything possible is done so your dog is happy and stays healthy during its stay, but, as with all living creatures, accidents and illness can happen despite the best of care.  
For minor illnesses such as diarrhea in an otherwise well dog, minor cuts and abrasions, mild lameness, we usually choose to treat 'in house' using basic first aid, rest and home remedies (eg- chicken and rice for upset tummies, betadine for minor cuts, Meloxicam for strains).
For more serious illness and injury such as persistent diarrhea, vomiting, coughing, lameness, cuts and abrasions that require more than first aid or any other problem we determine to require veterinary intervention there are two courses of action.  
Our Veterinary Practice at Taree Veterinary Hospital or Vet as selected by you on your Booking Form

Senior Furbabies and those with serious known/unknown health issues

Although it's not nice to think about. If you have a senior dog or one with chronic health problems you should consider what will happen should your dog pass away whilst staying with us. Please consider how much you want to spend on life saving procedures. If you would like to be contacted immediately on your dogs passing (or after your return) and also what you would like done with the body should the worst happen (eg- burial, cremation, storage until you return).

Does my dog need a collar and ID? 

If possible, yes, but if your dog isn’t use to wearing a collar, there is no need for one so long as your dog is microchipped with your up to date contact details. 

How do you calculate dog's size?

Generally the Size Chart is fairly accurate, however there are exceptions to every breed standard and mixed breeds/designer dogs can vary quite a bit.  You will be invoiced as per size chart however this may change upon meeting pet and rate may be adjusted up or down as deemed necessary.  You would be best to over calculate your dog's size as a refund is nicer than an increase.

What are your operating hours?

Monday – Saturday 9am – 5pm 

After Hours (if available) incur a $50 A/H fee 

Doggie Day Care - Monday – Saturday 9am – 5pm

Please arrive and depart on the date and AT THE TIME you selected when submitting your Booking Form.  These dates and times will appear on your invoice.

Why do you want to know exact Arrival & Departure date and TIME? 

Just like any professional, we like to make appointments and plan our day.  Planning is scheduled around your booking dates and TIMES.

This is a working property that has boarding, a grooming salon, as well as catering to dog owners who require their pet to be collected or dropped off off site.  If you do not adhere to your scheduled time we may not be here when you arrive and  your pet will be unable to be checked in.

Are you open Public Holidays?

Closed Sundays and Christmas Day

Can I come outside of your hours? 

Please arrive and depart on the date and AT THE TIME you selected when submitting Booking Form.  These dates and times will appear on you invoice. If you arrive outside of ‘open hours' it will not only disturb us and our boarders, but also our neighbors which is not acceptable. Thank you for your understanding and respecting our hours.

In exceptional circumstances and only if available exception may be given to attend after hours, this will incur a $50 A/H’s fee. 


Can my pet check in the afternoon? 

Yes, time of arrival was selected on your Booking Form. Please arrive and depart on the date and AT THE TIME you selected. These dates and times will appear on your invoice.


Can I get a discount if I collect my pet in the morning? 

No, you are charged per Calendar Day or part there-of, there is no discount for early returns or collections

Can I bring my pet to inspect your facility before boarding? 

Yes!  By appointment only from Monday – Saturday 10 am – 3 pm 

If your pet has any history of being anti-social to man or beast or has excessive barking or abnormal behavioral issues, this is not a suitable environment for them and we would ask that you DO NOT use our facilities  

What if I'm not sure what day I will return? 

Just book with the dates/times you know you will be boarding your pet with us. You can then text us with your amended departure date and we will send updated invoice. 

I have been held up, until what time can I drop off/pick up my pet? 

Just like any professional, we like to make appointments and plan our day.  Planning is scheduled around your booking date and TIME which appears on your invoice.   If you cannot meet your submitted time of arrival/departure please contact us without delay.

This is a working property that has boarding, a grooming salon, as well as catering to dog owners who require their pet to be collected or dropped off off site.  If you do not adhere to your scheduled time we may not be here when you arrive and  your pet will be unable to be checked in

If you are unable to stay with operating hours you may need to extend by a day either side of your booking dates.

Any after hours attendance IF AVAILABLE is charged a $50 A/H’s fee.


I am towing, can I turn around in your driveway?

Not recommended.  The driveway has a thirty metre moderately steep section off the road and although I do tow and turn around I have had too many clients struggle with the maneuver.  If you are towing we offer a pick up/drop off service or I can meet you up on road just past 589 Newmans Road where there is ample room to turn around.  Click here for pick up/drop off points

What is the best way to reach you? 

Hours are 9am – 5pm Monday – Saturday and all enquiries will be answered within these hours. All bookings MUST be done online, click here to make Booking Submission.  For all phone inquiries please leave a message if phone is not answered.  I will get back to you as soon as possible.

How are the number of days calculated? 

Your pet’s rate is quoted PER DAY, not per night.  On your Booking Form you can select a time between 9am and 5pm on the date of arrival and  departure. So you will always have a minimum of two days.  This way of charging is Pet Industry standard. 

Doggie Day Care is charged on a daily rate and your pet can only stay one day.

How do I pay?

Payment is by direct deposit prior to check in. Please do not deposit until you have been given your total amount owing. A $50 non refundable deposit is required for PEAK holiday seasons, (Christmas and Easter). If you choose to pay via Eftpos, Mastercard or Visa on check in the bank surcharge will be passed on to you at 2.00%.

What if I don't/can't turn up?

  • Refunds

  • Early Returns

  • Credits

  • No Shows

  • Non Payment

  1. There is no refund or credit for early holiday returns.  Full period booked will be charged.

  2. 'No Shows' or 'Late Cancellations', regardless of whether payment for invoice has been received (Conditions of Boarding clause 5) will be charged in full for period booked.

  3. PEAK BOOKING Refunds will only be offered up to 14 days prior to Arrival Booking Date and only if those dates are refilled, otherwise a 'Credit' will be be given for 12 months from Original Arrival Date.

  4. Any charges accrued during stay including but not limited to extra days, soiling of bedding, Veterinary care, must be settled prior to or upon collection of dog/s.

  5. Owner/Agent acknowledges that by submitting a Booking Form creates a 'Contract' between Minibrae and Owner/Agent.  By boarding dog/s this will create a lien over dog/s in favour of Minibrae. This lien will exist for so long as monies are owing pursuant to this contract.  Should monies owed to Minibrae not be paid Minibrae has the right to offer dog/s for sale/removal. If such sale/removal does not secure a price adequate to cover the cost of the debt, extra boarding, sale or removal the Owner/Agent is liable to Minibrae for the difference.  Minibrae may take this course of action 14 days past Departure Date if no acknowledged correspondence has been received by Minibrae.

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